JDB 019: Confessions of a Content Marketer | Mistakes Made in Legal Marketing

Content Marketing Confessions

I really took over the marketing of my law practice about 8 years ago.  And during that time I have probably tried every tactic and gimmick out there in search of ways to build a law firm client base.  All of that experience has come at a price (literally), but it has given me experience.  And much of the time that experience was in teaching me what was not effective when it came to marketing a law practice.

In today’s JDBlogger Podcast episode I will go over 5 marketing mistakes I have made that will hopefully help you avoid falling into the same money pits that I have.  I would be interested to hear from the audience as to what marketing avenues you have been involved in that you wish you wouldn’t have.

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is Social Oomph!  Social Oomph is a tool that can help you manage your social media accounts and more specifically help you handle all of your social media  platforms more efficiently.  In the past I have discussed using batch processing as a way of getting the most content created you can in the shortest amount of time.  Social Oomph goes hand in hand with batch processing and will allow you schedule out your social media links so you can focus on your law practice during the day without sacrificing your social media presence.

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  1. Great show John and I really identified with all your “true confessions”! Another one I can add is playing with Adwords PPC when you don’t really know what you are doing. I chose my keywords, set it live over the weekend, and by the Monday morning I had been billed for $3000 – a whole load of clicks on the topic but not one single click converted into paid work. So the moral is be very careful with pay per click! Keep up the great work. Best, Mark

    • John Skiba

      Mark: Thanks for the comment. I agree that you have to be careful with PPC. I have used it in the past and if done correctly it does work, but it big bucks (or pounds!). It is great to know that the show has some listeners in the U.K. I used to live in London. Great city!

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