JDB 021: The #1 Thing You Must Do to Be Successful at Online Marketing


Many lawyers believe that the end game of marketing their law practice online is to be #1 in the Google search rankings.  And while it is true, we all want to be number one with Google, it is just as vital (if not more) that you create content that is engaging and will convert the causal reader into a client.

To do this you must find your voice – the thing that makes you different from the rest.  Too often legal websites all peddle the same drivel over and over.  But if you follow the attorneys who are doing it right you will see their personality come through in their writing, podcasting, video, or whatever platform they use to get their message out – and some of them even have opinions (gasp!).

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I discuss the three things you must do to bring out the best ‘you’ for your online marketing efforts.

Some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters who I think do a great job in letting their voice and personality come through are:

Sam Glover at the Lawyerist

The writers of Lawyerology

Chris Brogan at The Human Business Way podcast

Michael Stelzner at the Social Media Marketing Podcast

Cliff Ravenscraft at Podcast Answerman Podcast

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Tools of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is connected with a product that I have spoken about before.  Scribe, the wordpress plugin that helps with your SEO on your blog posts has launched a new program called Authority.  This is an online program that provides you access to several webinars and online video courses related to marketing.  I have had a chance to go through them and found them extremely informative.

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