JDB 025: Spencer Haws, Niche Pursuits | Ride the Long Tail to Google Success

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Have you ever looked at the law firms at the top of the Google results and wonder what they have that you don’t?  In this week’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview Spencer Haws the owner of the popular blog and podcast Niche Pursuits.  Spencer walks us through the process of using long tail keywords to drive more clients to your firm and shoot you to the top of the Google rankings.

You can learn more about Spencer by heading over to his website at Niche Pursuits.

Tools of the Trade

This week’s tool of the trade is a list of places you can go to get back links for your website.  Having other websites link back to your website increases your visibility with Google and improves your rank in the search engines.  Here are a few places you can go to get free back links:

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