What Would You Like to Hear About on the JDBlogger Podcast?

iStock_000004060935XSmallI have been producing the JDBlogger podcast for six whole months now and I want to thank all of you who listen to the podcast every week and for all of the great people I have met during this time period.  My goal with the podcast is to provide truly helpful information to lawyers and business owners in marketing their law firms and businesses.

And with that in mind I want to hear from you.  Is there a topic I haven’t covered that you would find particularly helpful?  Is there an attorney or other professional out there who you think would be a great interview on the podcast?  If so, please fill out the form below and I promise to do my best to book as many interesting guests as I can and to provide content on the podcast that can truly help you build a profitable law practice.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your input!

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