JDB 028: Go Where Your Clients Are! 2013 Technorati Media Digital Influence Report

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Initially I wanted to thank all of you who have taken time to provide me with feedback on what types of topics and guests you would like to hear on the podcast.  You can still leave me your feedback by going to JDBlogger.com/feedback.

The topic of today’s episode is in response to some of the feedback that was provided last week, specifically on where consumers are spending their time when it comes to social media and online resources.  If you are like most lawyers you have a very limited amount of time for marketing and social media and so it is important that you are spending your time wisely on whatever platform you happen to be interacting on.

Earlier this year I attended the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and Shani Higgins, the CEO of Technorati Media was one of the keynote speakers.  She went over their 2013 Digital Influence Report and I thought it would be some great information to share with the JDBlogger audience.

In today’s episode I will discuss the number one place where consumers go online, what types of social media influence buyers, and what social media platforms are most trusted by consumers.  My hope is that this information will help you in choosing wisely when it comes to your law firm marketing.

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is Wufoo.  As I mentioned above, I recently put together a short survey for the JDBlogger audience.  I used Wufoo to put this survey together and then sent out a link on my website and social media where people could click back and fill out the survey.  Wufoo was easy to use and free (they do offer a paid version with more options).  I plan to implement this into my practice as a way of following up with clients to find out what the firm is doing well and what it could do better.  I thought that it could also be a great tool for gathering information from clients as to where they learned about your law firm online.

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