JDB 029: Youtility with Jay Baer | A Review

Baer_0176-1Back in January of this year I attended the New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas.  During this three day event I heard a lot of great speakers, but one stood out from the crowd – Jay Baer.

During his presentation at NMX Mr. Baer announced that he would be releasing a book later in 2013 on “Youtility” – defined as “massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers.”

This past week Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype
was released and I have had a chance to read it and found the information to be extremely valuable and look forward to implementing its principles into the marketing of my law practice.

In this week’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I will review Youtility and discuss some of the great ideas and tips that Jay has on the future of marketing and simply being useful to your clients.

Tools of the Trade

This week I share with you a “tactic” of the trade where I discuss my new approach to Twitter and how it can be used for better and more effective professional development.  In the past I have been pretty aggressive in following people in an effort to try and build my following.  What I found is that my Twitter stream was filled with tweets on topics I didn’t really care about from people I didn’t know.Twitter for Lawyers

My goal in reducing the number of people I follow on Twitter is to hopefully cultivate better professional relationships with the people I do follow even if that number is significantly lower.

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  1. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the review! Note that people interested in getting a feel for the book can grab a juicy free excerpt at http://www.YoutilityBook.com


    • John Skiba

      You bet. I really enjoyed the book (both the audio and ebook version). Happy to share it with my audience.

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