JDB 030: Kiffanie Stahle | Create Your Own Path

Kiffianie StahleToday’s legal market is simply tough.  More and more lawyers are making the jump into private practice right out of law school.  And the ones that succeed more often than not are like my guest on the JDBlogger Podcast today, Kiffanie Stahle.  Kiffanie made the bold move of starting her own law practice the day after she was sworn into the California Bar.

Today Kiffanie has a thriving solo practice that focuses on helping artist, writers, photographers, and other creatives protect and monetize their work.  In the podcast she will discuss why she decided to open her own law practice right out of law school, what she has learned from the experience, and how she has grown her law practice.

You can learn more about Kiffanie and her practice by visiting her website at Stahle Law or following her on Instagram.

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is an app I recently discovered called Over.  Over allows you to take photographs and add your own text to the photo – including allowing you to edit the font, color of the text, and the location of the text on the photo.  I have started implementing photos that I have taken of my office and the courthouse into my blog posts as a way of helping clients and potential clients become more comfortable with my practice and the bankruptcy process.  If you use photos in your marketing this is a great way to add customized text.

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