Changes to JDBlogger

Legal MarketingHey All.  You may have noticed that there was no new episode of the JDBlogger podcast this week.  This is due to some changes I am implementing here at JDBlogger that I thought I would share.  First, the podcast is going to continue but I am going to release a new episode every other Thursday instead of weekly.  I really enjoy doing the podcast each week and have put a lot of focus on doing a quality weekly show.

However, my blogging and other content creation for JDBlogger has suffered as a result.  At my core I consider myself a blogger and really want to create more content for the site in that particular medium.

Also, my wife and I are starting a side venture (another one) where we increasing the size of our farming business.  I have mentioned on the podcast before that I live on a small farm raising cattle, pigs, and chickens.  We are in the process of launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital so that we can ramp up production of grassfed beef.  I will report back on the whole Kickstarter thing.  I have never done it before but the crowd-funding idea is an interesting one.

With all this in mind I will be publishing more content on the blog as well as sharing things on the JDBlogger Facebook page.  If you haven’t been over to the Facebook page I would recommend you head on over and ‘like’ the page.  I post links to articles and legal marketing tips that I find throughout the week and it is a great place to extend the conversation and share ideas.

I will catch up with you next week on a brand new episode of the podcast!


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