JDB 032: How to Use eBooks to Market Your Law Practice

Market you law firm with ebooks

In today’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I discuss how to use ebooks to not only market your practice but create a product that you can actually sell through Amazon, the Apple Store, and Barnes and Noble.

I will walk you through the process of creating an ebook and provide you with resources that can help you get it up and going much more quickly than you might think.  One of the recent resources I have used is Vook.  All you need to do is draft the content and they will do the rest.

This week my wife and I launched a Kickstarter campaign in connection with our grassfed beef business.  You can check out the video we put together in connection with this campaign here:  Clean, Natural, Arizona Grassfed Beef.

Tool of the Trade

This week’s tool of the trade is Workflowy (what is it about all these new companies and their terrible names:)?).  While the name has much to be desired, the tool itself is great.  Finally I have found a task list-tool that is clean, easy to use, and doesn’t try to do too much.  I use two screens on my computer at work and have found this to be a great tool to leave open on one with a list of tasks for the day and then check them off as I complete them.

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  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for a great podcast. My family and I are starting a “Paleo”-style diet, so when you mentioned your grass-fed beef, my ears perked up. Are you blogging/podcasting about that side of things, and if so, where can I find them? If not, any plans to start? 🙂

    Thanks again,

    • John Skiba

      Hey Adam:

      Thanks for listening to the podcast. We are currently getting the online-side of our cattle business up and running. I recently put together a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/arizonafarmfresh . We are also doing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to purchase additional cows. You can check out our video here http://kck.st/17iAV3Y .

      Our website has been started and should be up in about a month. I am working on a podcast format for it but it is still in the early stages.

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