JDB 033: 5 Tips to Creating an Online Marketing Plan for the New Solo Law Practice

Marketing a New Law Practice

The questions I get most often center around how to create an online marketing plan for those attorneys looking to start their own solo law firm.  Starting your own law practice can produce a lot of anxiety.  However, by putting together a solid foundation when it comes to your online presence can start you off in the right direction and provide you with returns on this investment of time years to come.

In today’s episode I will discuss the following:

  • Why it is vital to focus the areas of your law practice
  • How to plan your website and whether you will need more than one website
  • How to set up social media pages for your new law practice
  • What directories you must submit your website to, including how AVVO can get you clients
  • Why you must master keyword research and have a solid content production plan

Links Discussed in this Episode




Tools of Trade

This weeks Tool of the Trade is a discussion on how to get more Facebook “likes” through the use of Facebook ads.  Many people understand that it is important to get “likes” but many aren’t exactly sure why.  In this episode I talk about how you can rapidly increase the number of “likes” for your law firm website .


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