JDB 034: John Corcoran | Start a Networking Revolution

JDBlogger John CorcoranToday on the JDBlogger Podcast I interview John Corcoran.  John produces the weekly podcast Smart Business Revolution which he uses to teach entrepreneurs strategies and tactics to grow their business.  John is also a practicing attorney in California.

Prior to practicing law John had the unique opportunity of serving as an aide to President Bill Clinton and as a speech writer to the Governor of California.  In today’s interview John tells us what he learned from high-level politics and how you can implement those same lessons and tactics in becoming more effective at networking.

Free Book – How to Create Your Personal Networking Plan

John has offered a special link to access his new ebook “How to Create Your Personal Networking Plan” specifically for JDBlogger listeners.  Click HERE to access the book.

John also offers a more in-depth course on how to become great at networking.  The title of the course is “Power Networking System“.  You can learn more about it by Click Here (affiliate link).

Check out the Smart Business Revolution Podcast.

Tools of the Trade

Today’s Tool of the Trade is really more of a tip.  We all want love in when it comes to our social media.  Admit it.  When someone retweets your post, likes your Facebook page, or takes the time to leave a meaningful comment it adds some energy to your day.  My tip is to freely give praise and share.  Leave the negativity at home.  The more you engage others on social media, the more your personal network will grow and the greater your return will be.





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