Top 5 Most Listened to JDBlogger Episodes of 2013!

Law firm marketing podcast2013 was a fun year for me as I really got me feet wet in the podcasting world.  I recorded 32 episodes of the JDBlogger Podcast in 2013 and had the opportunity to interview and get to know a lot of great lawyers/marketers and get a lot of great tips on how to better market my law practice.

Podcasting is an incredible platform in that the reach is so wide.  I record my podcast out of my office each week and while it often feels like I am just speaking to the wall when I am recording, during the last year my podcast was downloaded by people in 71 different countries!  I have regular listeners in Thailand, South Africa, Belgium, Estonia, and even Iraq.  I look forward to a new year of podcasting and engaging with you all online.

In looking back over the last year the following 5 episodes were the most listened to episodes of the podcast for 2013 based on number of downloads:

#1 – Episode 36 – Blog v. Website, Listserves, and SWAG – Listener Questions 

In this episode I went over several questions I had received via email from listeners, including the hot topic of whether your blog should be a part of your law firm website or a separate beast all together.

#2 – Episode 15 – How to Build a Law Practice You Don’t Hate

I think the title of this one may have driven the traffic.  With huge numbers of lawyers out there how hate what they do each day many are looking for a way out or a way to make things better.  I discuss how you can use content marketing as a way to build a practice full of clients you enjoy working with.

#3 – Episode 5 – Make the Jump! Tips on Launching Your Own Law Practice

In this episode I discussed my experience in launching a solo practice back in 2005 and then again in 2011.  Tons of helpful tips and insights if you are looking to make the jump.

#4- Episode 8 – No More Gavels! No More Scales of Justice! Website Design for Lawyers with Cynthia LaLuna

In this episode I interview Cynthia LaLuna of Rowboat Media.  Cynthia talks specifics about law firm website design and ways to stand out in the crowd.

#5 – Episode 9 – Google+, SEO, and Untethered Lawyering – Interview with Jay Fleischman

In this episode I interview bankruptcy attorney and law firm marketer Jay Fleischman on the ins and outs of Google+, SEO, and his experience in working remotely and in the “cloud”.

Thanks to all my guests over the past year and I look forward to more great interviews in the months to come!

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