JDB 039: Adventures in YouTube and Legal Marketing

I finally have recorded and uploaded my first legal marketing video into Youtube!  It has been a long time in the making, but I finally took all the equipment I purchased and shot, edited, and uploaded my first video.  I have several other videos already shot and am currently finalizing the editing process.  My goal with my videos is to create an online library of short 2-3 minute videos on various aspects of bankruptcy and debt collection law suits that will hopefully help potential clients out and encourage them to call me for help with their legal needs.

In this episode of the podcast I go over a few of the tips/insights I have after finally getting everything together and shooting that first video.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Jenny H. Design – Custom Graphics

Jenny Hamson designed the iTunes artwork for the JDBlogger Podcast as well as my Consumer Warrior Podcast (see below).  I asked her to create some graphics for use in my videos, which helps in streamlining the video editing process and frankly just speeds things up.  She does a great job, is very talented, and reasonably priced.


Lawyers’ Video Studio

Gerry Oginski was a guest on the JDBlogger Podcast in Episode #4.  Gerry is an attorney and founder of The Lawyers’ Video Studio that helps attorneys create videos for marketing their law practice.  Gerry also has an online Do-it-Yourself course that I used to help me get my first video launched – I highly recommend it.

Video Equipment (Camera/Microphone/Lighting)

Back in Episode #31 I discussed in more detail the equipment I purchased for my videos.  Click here to go back and check out that episode

My First Youtube Video!

Here it is, my first (real) attempt and producing my own video content.  Let me know what you think.

Leave a Review in iTunes

If you are a regular listener to the podcast I would really appreciate you takings a few minutes to rate the podcast in iTunes and leave me some feedback.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Hey John!
    Great job on your first video. Congratulations and thanks for the mention above.


    • John Skiba

      Thanks Gerry. Your course is excellent. It really made it a lot easier having someone guide me through it.

  2. Great job! You mentioned following Oginski’s DIY course. I like the graphics in the video, including intro and text. Did you do all that yourself, or did you hire someone to do video editing? If yourself, what software did you use?

    • John Skiba


      I used Gerry’s course to assist with the pre-production ideas for content, learning how to use the manual settings on the camera, and the details on Youtube. I also got all of my recommendations on equipment from the course. The graphics in the video I had made by Jenny Hamson (www.jennyhdesign.com). These were relatively inexpensive and can be used in each video. I used the video editing software “Screenflow” for Mac. I edited it all myself. There was somewhat of a learning curve but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.


      • Are you talking about his book that is like 200-300 pages, or an online course? I’m exactly where you are- about to start doing disability and personal injury videos.

        • John Skiba

          I bought the course. The book comes with the course (I believe). The course is great in that it is very detailed, step-by-step stuff.

  3. Joel Denning

    Excellent video! The time frame is 30 days here in MD. You certainly got value from Gerry’s course.

    • John Skiba


      Thanks for the comment. You bring up a great point that I thought about afterwords – I think I need to include some sort of disclaimer that the content in my videos is for people who live in Arizona. Maybe Gerry can give us some insight into that.

      • Joel Denning

        Yes, that thorny line regarding giving legal advice is vexing, I look to Gerry’s take on this question.

        • John Skiba

          Yeah. When it comes to the “legal advice” issue I think as long as you are simply providing general information and stay away to hypos that would be too specific I think you should be okay. Along with a disclaimer.

  4. John

    Great job on your first video. It is at least 300xs better than mine. Please accept this criticism. Take the binders off the shelf over your right shoulder. They took my attention away from your great message.


    • John Skiba

      Thanks for the input Guy. I have been having those same thoughts that the background is a little too busy.

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