JDB 175: New Year’s Planning for Your Law Firm

After a four month hiatus the podcast is back. In this episode I share with you where I have been over the last four months, some pretty significant changes in my law practice that have occurred, and what I have in store for 2018. Here are some of the topics I touch on in this episode:

  • How I went from having 3 staff members to zero.
  • How my 2017 goals didn’t end up like I thought (and why I am okay with it).
  • My new side venture into offering legal information products
  • My law practice efficiency goals for 2018.

JDB 174: Dave Aarons & Michael Chasin | How Lawyers Can Leverage Technology to Effectively Deliver Unbundled Legal Services

Today on the podcast I interview Dave Aarons, CEO and founder of Unbundled Attorney and welcome back Michael Chasin, founder of Lexicata. In this episode we dive into how lawyers can leverage technology effective deliver unbundled legal services.


JDB 173: Joel Miller | The Family Law Coach – Building a Law Practice with Legal Coaching Services


During his 50 years of practicing family law Canadian attorney Joel Miller was aware of the large number of family law litigants that represented themselves in court, but it was only after he retired from the full time practice of law that Miller found a way to assist self represented individuals attempting to navigate the court system on their own.

Enter “The Family Law Coach,” an innovative approach adopted by Miller to assist those self-represented family law litigants who need a helping hand in navigating the court process.

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview Joel about The Family Law Coach, why he decided to start this type of practice, the reaction of clients and the local bar of attorneys, and why you should consider offering legal coaching in your law practice.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Legal Services Corporation – 2017 Justice Gap Report

The Family Law Coach Website

JDB 172: Report – Online Calendaring & Virtual Receptionist

It has been about four months since I made major changes to my way my phones, appointments, and general calendaring are completed. In this episode I report back as to what is working, what isn’t, and whether the change has been good for my law firm.

JDB 171: Tips for Jump Starting a Sinking Law Practice

When you very first thought of starting your own law practice you likely had the thought “what if this doesn’t work? what if I open up shop and the phone doesn’t ring?”

The fear of failure diverts many a lawyer from taking the leap and starting their own practice.

Even when a law practice performs well, there is often an ebb and flow to law practice with some months bringing in huge revenues and others leaving you wondering if you are going to be able to keep the doors open.

In this episode I discuss some of my thoughts of what you should do if you find your self struggling, revenues faltering, and really not knowing what direction you should go.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Clara – A virtual employee that helps you schedule your meetings

Legaler – A tool for lawyers to be more efficient with online meetings.



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