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The way that we practice law and market our law practices is changing. The great news is the changes are exciting and provide more opportunity to more lawyers than ever before.

With the internet, blogging, podcasting, and social media you can create and grow a thriving and profitable law practice that will not only compete with larger firms but dominate them with your online presence. And the great news is you can do it without increasing your overhead.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply the process of letting people know what you do and who you are by creating and sharing valuable information. And here is the kicker…you give this information away for free!

The old school of thought in law practice is that our time and information is our stock-in-trade. We quite literally sell our knowledge. The concept of sharing legal knowledge – for free – is unspeakable.

But with content marketing that is exactly what you need to do. And if you do it right, your client base will not only increase but you will have clients that are more knowledgeable and better prepared to hire you.

What Type of Content Should You Create?

As lawyers we are in the business of helping people. Whatever their problem they are coming to you for the solution. And that is what your content needs to be centered on.

Give them information on how their problem can be solved.

This absolutely terrifies many lawyers. They think “if I give them the legal knowledge why would they hire me?” Others have ethical concerns on advertising, providing legal advice to non-clients or people who live in states where you are not licensed.

These are questions that need to be asked for sure. However you can create content that is very valuable to potential clients and do so well within the ethical rules.

And why will they hire you even though you are giving away information? Because, in their eyes you are now the authority. Before they even step foot in your office you have provided something of value to them. Knowledge.

You have established a relationship of trust simply by providing information that other lawyers hoard as if they were gate keepers to all things legal.

The key to creating great content is that is must be valuable. If you can do that. If you can create something that potential clients need and value and then simply give it to them, you will not only bring clients in the door but create evangelists for your law practice.

Spreading Your Message

When it comes to spreading the word on your law practice through content marketing you are likely unaware that you are already an expert.

The most effective ways to let people know about you and your law practice are through the written word (blogging) and public speaking (podcasting/video).

Most lawyers are very good writers. Unbeknownst to most of us when we entered law school was the fact that we were embarking on a career in writing. We write motions, contracts, wills, notes, briefs, letters, etc. To the dismay of some lawyers, the bulk of what we do is write.

All this writing has been great practice for your next writing venture – your blog. There you will have the opportunity to communicate legal information and solutions in a manner that is easily digestible by the public.

You will be able to communicate your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. You will be able to communicate who you are – and in turn, those people who connect with the way you write and communicate will become your clients.

Same goes for podcasting and video production. Most practice areas require some type of public speaking. If you are a litigator or appear in court you have the unique experience of public speaking where the audience (judge) speaks back!

This experience makes the thought of producing a podcast or a video for your website much less intimidating. You already know how to organize your thoughts and present them in a way that is understandable and persuasive.

Without even knowing it, you have been honing your content marketing skills for years!

Where Will I Find Time to Market my Practice?

You may be thinking that this all sounds well and good but you simply don’t have time to dedicate to a blog, producing a podcast, or interacting on social media.

There is no question you are busy. I know the realities of law practice. I have been forever damaged by having to bill every six minutes of my day for the last ten years! I know that in law, time is literally money.

However, as someone who has run a solo practice for most of my career I know that the expense associated with hiring a full time marketing company is usually cost-prohibitive. This leaves the solo attorney and the small firm in the tough spot of needing to market their practice to survive but not having the budget needed to compete.

Content marketing will level the playing field and allow you to compete. But you must make the decision and commitment to incorporate the marketing of your law practice into your daily routine.

Notice what I said there. Your law practice. You own the firm. You must take ownership of its growth and the methods that will allow it to thrive.

Give yourself a billable requirement for marketing. Commit to devoting 30 minutes or an hour a day to growing your practice.

If you are consistent and keep your commitment you will see your practice grow like you never thought possible. And you might find – as I did – that you actually enjoy the marketing and interaction it provides.

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