Blogging. Sure. Social media. You Bet. But podcasting? You may be thinking “John, now you have taken things too far!”. Before you click away from this page give me the opportunity to introduce you to the perfect complement to your legal blog. Your new podcast.

What is a Podcast?

If you are new to the world of podcasting it is helpful to get an understanding of what a podcast is and what it can do to help you attract great clients with high quality legal matters.

Podcasting is simply online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Think of it as on-demand talk radio. People can subscribe to your podcast and via iTunes, Sketcher, Zune, or just listen to it on your website. Your clients can listen to your podcast on their computer, phone, and tablets.

Connect with Potential Clients Like Never Before!

As with blogging, podcasting will come natural to most lawyers. You are used to speaking in public. Effective communication is an essential tool lawyers hone over years of practicing law. You can use this tool you already possess to create a connection with current and potential clients like never before.

Podcasting allows you to not only demonstrate your expertise in your chosen practice area but also allows you to interject who you really are through your personality, opinions, and approach to practicing law.

Your potential clients will walk in the door to your office feeling like they already know you. And with good reason. Many of them will already have spent hours listening to you introduce yourself, your law practice, and helping them with solutions to their legal issues.

In my own practice I have seen my retention of new clients skyrocket due to the trust that clients have in me even before they walk in the door. They already know who I am and have already decided that I am the lawyer that can help them with their problem.

How in the World am I Going to Produce a Podcast?

The number one reason many lawyers dismiss putting out a podcast is the fear of the technical aspects of producing a podcast. The good news is it is not nearly as difficult as you might be imagining.

Really all you need is a microphone, a way to record your voice, and a the ability to upload it onto the internet. Surprisingly, you can do much of your recording with free software and can get sufficient equipment to get your podcast up and going with a relatively small investment in equipment.

The best way to learn how to podcast is to go to the master – The Podcast Answerman. By watching a few short instructional videos you will have the basics of what you need know to start broadcasting your content to your throngs of soon-to-be fans.

If you really want to take your podcast to a new level, I would recommend Cliff Ravenscraft’s course Podcasting A to Z. There you will learn everything you need to know to produce a professional podcast.

The first time you turn on that microphone you may feel a little awkward. But as you stick with it you will find – as I have found – that podcasting may be the single best way to connect in a meaningful way with potential clients before they even step foot in your office.

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