Social Media

For many, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter conjure up thoughts of teenagers sharing the latest high school gossip or adults connecting with long lost friends – great for what they are but couldn’t possibly serve any legitimate business purpose, right?

When it comes to your law practice social media provides two great opportunities to grow your business like never before.

Get Involved!

First, your involvement and interactions on social media are a golden opportunity to let friends, family, and acquaintances know who you are and what you do. Many lawyers I meet with are fearful of combining their personal and professional lives online. There is a fear of rejection. That your “friends” won’t appreciate you bringing up topics that relate to your law practice.

The key to avoiding all of your online friends ditching you is to share your professional ventures along with your personal. If you flood your Facebook page with nothing but lawyer ads or blog posts then people will begin to view you as someone who is only trying to get gain from the platform and not someone they genuinely want to interact with.

However, if you are sharing your business activities as part of who you are – and share and interact with others on the platform about personal activities as well your professional life you will not run into that problem.

I am a lawyer. Those who interact with me online know that I am a lawyer. It is part of who I am. They also know that I am a father, husband, and a hobby farmer. They know which sports teams I support and what I think of current events. In short, I am participate in social media to interact with people, not just to promote my business.

If you take that approach, when one of your online friends has a legal need, you will come to mind and it will be you who gets the call.

Share Content From Your Website

Second, social media is critical for getting the word out about the content you are working so hard to put on your website.

Every time you draft an article for your blog or produce another podcast episode you need to let people know about it. The best way to do this is through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media outlets.

Further, social media sites are a great place to see what others are talking about, to share your thoughts, and find interesting things to write about on your blog.

To be successful using social media you have to be involved. It is no different than in-person networking events you may have participated in the past. If you don’t interact, no one gets to know you, no connection is made, and no business is done.

So, where should you be focusing your efforts? Facebook, Twitter, Google+? The goal here at JDBlogger is to provide you with the information you need to make the business decisions as to what social media platforms will be most productive for your law practice. Happy Tweeting!

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